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Private photo sessions

Individual private photos

"Welcome to an unforgettable private surfing and photography experience in Tamarindo! Our exclusive service combines the best of both worlds: surf learning and the opportunity to capture unique and special moments while riding the waves of the Pacific.

Group private photos.

"Welcome to an exciting group surf experience with a twist! Our private group photo service offers you the opportunity to learn to surf together with your friends, family or fellow travelers, while we capture unforgettable moments of all of you surfing.

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"Riding Waves: Tamarindo in Action"

"Take a look at our work! In this section, we present you with a selection of exciting moments captured by our talented photographers during our surf lessons in Tamarindo.

Beautiful photos

"Tamarindo's Timeless Beauty: Beyond the Waves"

Discover the enchanting essence of Tamarindo through our collection of professional photos, which capture the impressive beauty of emblematic places and special moments outside the sea.